November 17, 2010

Grand Rapids Mid-Century Haul (continued)

Am I starting to piss some of you off with the PLENITUDE of my mid-century modern HAUL from Grand Rapids Michigan? That wouldn't give me a tiny sick pleasure at all. Not at all.

When I told my mom what folks on the east coast would pay for this little beauty, she snorted. Then there was a pause. Then she got a fiery look in her eyes and starting bodily guarding it from other potential buyers. Can I just say? My mother never raised her voice or hand to me. That fiery look? Enough to make me poop my pants.

Thanks mom!

I trimmed the red-twig dogwood trees before planting them (to encourage new growth). Wasn't I clever to reuse the trimmings as a decoration?


  1. Very nice...and very clever!!! :-)

  2. nice table! i love dogwood branches for decoration. my ma and i always say that they are underrated!

  3. son and his family live in Grand Rapids, I need to find this place! Besides the cute table I like the chair next to it, and I love the pillow!

  4. Where are you shopping here in MY town? I found you through blogger but here you are shopping here! I promise I won't buy anything you want if you tell me where you go...really...

  5. Bloghopping back...

    I'm not far from the unmentionable place! I've passed it many times and never would have guessed.


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