November 15, 2010

Holyoke Home of the Week

Like most home owners, I'm PARTICULARLY interested in homes for sale in my neighborhood; what are they like on the inside? When was it built? What changes have occured to the interior and exterior over time? It's pretty unusual - and thus very pleasurable - to know the answer to ANY of these questions, much less ALL of them. That's why this Holyoke Home of the Week is pretty special.

This home is one block from our Holyoke Home and Garden Blog central.  Morgan and I walk by it all the time, and I've often thought, "Boy, looks like someone really put a lot into that house." I had no idea. Before I show you the inside, let me show you a before and after. Before:


I got to spend some time with the current owner, who is selling only due to unforeseen health issues. The current owner bought the house a few years ago, but his interest in it stemmed from the fact that his grandfather lived in this house for over forty years in the early 20th century! When he saw the condition, he bought it and installed completely new:
-Boiler/heating system
In other words? All the major items that give you a heart attack when they need replacing - are practically heart attack proof.
 Hello wing chair.
Original doors, baseboards and floors throughout. Original door pulls on second floor only.
 Side porch outside kitchen.
According the the owner, the mantle is original to the house, although the architectural details surrounding it are not. His grandfather (on the board of the Holyoke Gas and Electric in the day-o) installed a fancy gas fireplace. Chimney needs to be relined if you want to get it going again.
 New downstairs bathroom. Painted (but original) floors throughout.
 The staircase looks like a cross between a beach-y cottage and a Christmas morning movie set.
Walk in closet.

Asking $156,900
1,690 square feet
Brokered by Joanne Lyons at Keller-Williams, (413) 565-5478


  1. I can't believe the purchase price on this gem. I wish we were in the market for a new house sometimes!

  2. damn i wish i could buy this. that price is a STEAL. sad to hear the owner has to sell due to poor health. hope he's ok.

  3. Oh, heavens! I think we could live in Holyoke. All we need to move would be two jobs. Seriously.

  4. That is a STEAL. A STEAL. Wow. Lovely.

  5. What a beauty!!!! WOW! All the work is amazing!!

  6. It's a great buy and a beautiful home. I love looking at homes and I really love old ones! Currently, we have 6 large homes in the historic district of our small town that are for sale. In the past they would be snatched up however, the economic times and the cost of heating, cooling, etc. make them hard to sell. Hopefully that one will sell quickly so the owner can concentrate on his health.

  7. An impressive renovation. Truly a lovely home.

  8. What a shame. They replaced the original plywood windows.

  9. Wow! Same price as that of an apartment in Mumbai, going by square feet!

  10. WOW! That is crazy cheap! and beautiful :)

  11. That is a nice price. Holy cow, I hope a blogger buys it!

  12. wowza. i'm opening my piggy banks to see if i collect enough pennies for a downpayment . . .

    follow our foster:

  13. Alex PetersonDecember 21, 2010

    So beautiful! Hmmm... too bad I'm not in the market for a home right now. We could be neighbors!


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