December 7, 2010

Home Improvement Give Me Hives

According to Mr. Man there are two home renovation truisms (and he's an architect, so he ought to know):
1. Demolition is a lot of fun.
2. However long you think a project will take after demolition, multiply by ten. And then multiply by ten again.

These truisms result in two of my own:
1. Hives. Itchy.
2. Seriously. Do we have any benedryl?

Long time readers might remember that our upstairs 'bathroom makeover' project has evolved into a 'bathroom makeover plus also insulation and some other stuff' project. This weekend, we moved that project forward!

Our row house doesn't have an attic. Like typical row houses, we have small crawl space that narrows toward the back of the house. We demoed the upstairs office ceiling because we want to super insulate the house. The front of the house has enough space for loose blown cellulose, but the back part only had six inches between the ceiling and the roof.  Because the space was tight, we have to dense pack the cellulose. To avoid moisture issues, we need a minimum of 10 inches of dense pack. We demoed the ceiling to create a big enough cavity to get in 10 inches or more of dense pack cellulose. Before:
No wait! Wrong picture. Here's the real after:
Next, we'll drop the ceiling, put sheet rock up, and call in our contractor to dense pack.


  1. Coming along to speak. Except for the hives thing......*scratching* ^_^

  2. I do admire anyone who takes on those projects. My hubby and Father-in-law always would do the demo and redo at our old house...every time I heard the words: "This is going to be a breeze"..I would break out in hives! There is no such thing as an easy home anything...To answer your question about the ash..Yes it can be used for compost...we do put it in ours...atleast all that work cutting wood, splitting wood, loading wood, and cleaning up the dust and ash has some extra advantages that go beyond the heating bill. You get heat twice when you heat with wood..the sweat to get it to the furnace, and the warmth from the furnace to the house!

  3. I agree with your husband on the 10x, 10x. So sad, so true. :)

  4. Too bad home improvement doesn't give you the Jive. Dancing seems much better than itching.

    I agree with Mr. Man's number two truism. It also works for putting clean laundry away.

  5. What company did you choose to do the insulation?

  6. My shoulders creep up my neck when I'm in the midst of unsatisfying projects. At least you have a name for your itching, whereas it takes quite a bit of time to say, "my shoulders creep up my neck."


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