November 8, 2010

Our Upstairs Is Like the Old Lady Who Swallowed the Fly

So maybe you've noticed a dearth of posts on the subject of the actual HOME that is SUPPOSEDLY the subject of this blog? I mean honestly, we've lived here over a year, and the only project we've completed is the kitchen?! If we don't finish something soon, we'll have our blogger's license taken away.

And I really need that toaster.

Long ago, when we first moved in, Mr. Man and I negotiated a limit on the total number of 'ongoing' projects allowed at any one time. It doesn't bother Mr. Man to have holes in walls, or floors, or ceilings, or a combo platter of ALL THREE.  But for some reason when things in the house are askew, it totally freaks me out. It gives me hives and one really twitchy eye.

Believe it or not, ALL THE HOLES ARE RELATED (twitch twitch.)

Before we can move the bathroom project forward (hole #1), we have to deal with........a plumbing issue. We ripped up the floor to fix the joist, and it turns out the plumbing isn't quite legal. We're missing a sink vent. Why is a vent important?  According to Mr. Man, there's a danger that when you flush the toilet, it would pull the water from the trap for the sink or the tub out, resulting in wonderful odors and explosive gases entering the bathroom.

Yes. He actually said 'explosive gases.'

We discovered the original vent for the sink. Unfortunately it's in the location of the toilet. So, if we want the toilet to stay in it's current location, we have to install a new vent for the sink. So we needed to rip a wall open to see if it was possible to put the vent in the wall (hole #2). 

Now, at the same time, we are trying to insulate the attic. One of the issues of insulating is, you need to get a vent into the attic from the bathroom to deal with moisture issues, so we needed to.........wait for it.............poke a hole in the ceiling to see about clearance (hole #3).

Twitch twitch twitch. I'm singing that song about the Old lady who swallowed a fly. 

I know of a couple who bought an old house.
They demoed the bathroom to redo the floor,
They opened the floor to check the joist,
They married the joist to a big steel plate,
They noticed the plumbing didn't look right.
They opened the wall to fix the plumbing.
They opened the ceiling to vent the bathroom.

I don't know why they bought the house,
You'll occasionally hear them grouse. (twitch) 


  1. hehehe...that would be enough to make me twitchy too, if my entire house wasn't one big hole already! Good call on putting in the proper vent though, there's no time like the present!

  2. So is your blog going to be renamed Hole-y-oke Home? Heh.

    I'll go now.

  3. ...and then when the bill comes for all of this...*twitch, twitch...TWITCH!!!* LOL

  4. I'm upset with my husband because he's taking forever to fix our electricity *sigh* No holes in the wall, but I do have extension cords all over the place because half our outlets don't work.

    Good luck with the bathroom and attic! It's going to be fabulous, don't worry

  5. We have a hole in our bathroom ceiling because we thought the roof was leaking, only it wasn't the roof (after 3 roofer visits, and of course roofer work that didn't need to be done)'s the chimney which involved a new bill, I mean person to come and fix it. Now the ceiling needs repaired along with 2 other room ceilings..oh never mind!

  6. Oh how I've been in your shoes
    Holes in the floors, the walls, and cracks in the siding so wide you can put your hand through. I've learned-caulk is our friend...

    Wait until you have to start redoing the walls and have to mud and tape using joint compound. HEHEHE--You'll be walking around with a hammer knocking your brains out in 5 minute intervals....HEHEHEHEHEHEEEE!

    GOOD LUCK! you're gonna need it...

  7. It's a labor of love with potential explosive gases and all. We here follow this blog because we love hearing all about it no matter how long it takes.

  8. I love your blog and can totally relate to your reno twitches! We're working on my old family home and every time we do one thing something else comes up! Craziness.

    Here's to the completion of projects and the covering up of holes.


  9. Totally feel your pain, and your eye twitch! We are currently renovating our 80 year old house which is giving us many a twitch!

    How did your bathroom turn out? We are working on ours now and it looks like we have run into the same problems!

    Nice blog by the way! :)


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