January 31, 2011

Key West Sights

I'm recounting bits of our Key West vacation. If you're playing catch-up, here's  bit #1 and bit #2.

So what's a girl to do after a leisurely breakfast of flaky croissant and Cuban coffee? The good news? There's lots to do in Key West. One thing I DON'T recommend? The Ernest Hemingway house:
1. The smell of male cat spray is potent.
2. Entry fee was $12. EACH. $24 can buy a lot of croissants and Cuban coffee. And can I tell you? It is the most popular tourist attraction in Key West. Over a half million people go through the house every year. That's $6 MILLION DOLLARS A YEAR alone in entry fees.  And they ain't doin' a lot with all that money because,
3. There are no exhibits or interpretive material anywhere, only tour guides. The tour guides are actors speaking from a memorized script. And they repeatedly say nasty things about Hemingway's "Key West wife" (their words, not mine) Pauline - how she was angry when Hemingway built a fountain out of a urinal (supposedly) or how outrageous it was to build a pool using Ernest's money, when it was her uncle who bought the house for them in the first place. It happened enough to be really annoying.

I DO recommend the Key West lighthouse.

And a walk along Key West's bight (inner harbor).

And the beach. Please go to the beach. And the sunsets. Please also? Watch them. And? (maybe you'll see a theme developing here) I searched high and low for the best key lime pie in Key West. I suffered. I really did. For you, dear reader. So you would not have to suffer as I did, but could go right. to. the. best. key lime pie. It can be had at Blue Heaven. Enjoy.

Why do I live in New England? Someone please tell me.


  1. I ask myself the same question every day. Too much snow here. Anyway, thanks for the tips and the light house looks just amazing.

  2. Why Oh Why did you SHOW US the pie???!!! YUM!!! Now...guess where I'm heading?...And no, it won't be to Key West to get a look at the Ernest Hemingway house!! ^_^ Think...KITCHEN!

  3. We were just in Key West briefly last summer and we didn't bother to pay all that money for the Ernest Hemingway house so I'm glad you said it was a bust! We actually stayed in Key Largo because it has a lot better diving but we drove down to Key West for a day. We drove all the way from WI to Key West and back!

  4. I love love love Blue Heaven, though I prefer their Banana Heaven. . . I'm only 4 hours away but I don't get down there nearly enough

  5. Ashley - seriously. I am a nice mid-western girl transplanted to the east coast. I am not supposed to WANT to live in Key West, right?

  6. I love the lighthouse photo! and the Key Lime Pie... mmmm :)

  7. dude- i am OBSESSED with blue heaven!! it's my favorite restaurant in key west, and i've been to key west A. LOT. OF. TIMES.

    i haven't read your first two bits yet, but did you manage to get out to dry tortugas? please do, next time you visit. it's an absolute treasure-- and if you're up for the adventure, camp overnight.

  8. Hey Love and a Leash! Although I heard the dry tortugas are amazing, I get really really sea sick. Damamine (sp?) just makes me sleepy and sea sick. I need to try a scop patch closer to home before I try anything on vacation.

    Maybe I'll try the Connecticut river to start!

  9. I am so ready to be as far south of the snow as possible right now, and your pictures are making me want to go even more!


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