January 21, 2011

Vintage Lamp Question Answered

In a recent Cans For Comments post, I included a photo of Morgan with a lamp in the background (by the way? I delivered our Cans for Comments to Kate's Kitchen and had every intention of documenting our donation, but - when I went to take a picture of the bounty? I felt gross. Looking at the beans and rice and marinara sauce etc., all I could think was: this is someone's dinner. So you'll have to take my word for it.)

Anyway - the lamps. A very kind reader (hi Gina at Temporary Nest!) asked about the lamp in the background. They've never seemed special enough for a post - but then I remembered I write posts about holes in my walls, cracks in my floor, and feral cat feces.....oh wait. I haven't written about those YET.
I picked up the lamps at the Brimfield Antique show many years ago (here's a post guiding you through Brimfield) the lamps say 'Tyndale' but I can only find one or two references to Tyndale lamps online.
So I went to e-bay, and apparently NO ONE has decided what to call this type of lamp as they are variously referred to as 'California regency', 'toleware', 'Italian vintage flower lamps', or (file under not making this up) 'shabby metal lamps'. Sheesh. Someone decide already.

I love the closed and opened flowers, and the silly brass rope tying them all together at the base. The cords were really sketchy, so I had the electric redone at a local lighting store. Thanks for asking Gina!


  1. I love cool things like this!! Of course, I love anywhere I find a flower anyway, but these are so cool! :-) I'm SURE this will be worth your retirement money!! LOL

  2. YAY!! I'm so happy you answered!! I was totally like zoomed in on them in that adorable pic of morgan! I found the MOST ridiculous lamp at Brimfield that I got for my brother who has an inexplicable affinity for taxidermy. Needless to say, his wife wouldnt let him use it as his bedside lamp.


  3. They really make my $10 Target lamps look bad in comparison!

  4. such cool lamps. you make me want to leave work right now and go snoop around in some antique stores.

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  5. I love that statement two nicely matched, eye-catching lamps make.

  6. Those are the cutest lamps I've ever seen. I think, even if you never get a proper name for them, that you hit the jackpot with them!

  7. hi! I was just at CJ Sprong across from Highland Hardware and they have a chandelier that looks kinda like these. not sure it's exactly the same, but I remember you saying you didn't like one of your chandeliers...


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