February 15, 2011

Snow Days

(image by Jeffrey Byrnes. For more AMAZING photos of the snow in Holyoke, visit this post on www.holyokeinphotos.com)

White Winter  - to the tune of White Christmas
(with apologies to Irving Berlin)

I'm dreaming of a whiiiiiiiite sand beach.
With every shovel full of snow.
And the children cheeeeeer,
To hear a storm is near.
And neighbors call to get a tow.

I'm dreaming of a whiiiiite sand beach.
With every shovel full of snow.
Clear your walkway or I'll bestow
A punch in your...... oh, I don't know.

Someone bring me a hot toddy.


  1. I'm so sick of winter and can not wait for SPRING or SUMMER for that matter!

  2. Enjoy your snow. I've only seen snow once in the past 5 years, and I miss it dearly! I'd love to feel fluffy snowflakes on my eyelashes one more time. :)

  3. I'll trade ya. I miss winter.

    Why is it we miss what we don't have? (Because if we had it we wouldn't miss it. I know, I know.)

  4. PS I thought this was clever and funny and I do remember that about the end of January is when winter starts to get extremely old, old, old.

    I think Irving would have loved this.

  5. Hysterical.....you got the snow, we got the freezing rain on top of all the snow, which is now melting and has turned into a sheet of ice. But today I saw sunshine....WOOT! Then the clouds came and soon there will be rain and more grey skies....booo!

  6. hahahah. well hopefully it'll start to melt. in the mean time, beautiful song!


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