March 16, 2011

Design Talent Runs in The Family

Design talent must run in the family - Mr. Man's family that is. (My family has talent too! For example, we are awesome at freezing blueberries and buying fancy dinner napkins on sale.)

Mr. Man's niece graduated from Massachusetts College of Art. One of her artistic forreys was into ceramics, and we are the beneficiaries of her amazing eye. Look at that shape. Look at that glaze. Ignore that hideous wallpaper.
Oh my.
Also? My family is REALLY good at yelling at the TV and Radio if Newt Gingrich is saying something.


  1. WOW! That is so beautiful!

  2. That is gorgeous!

    I also pretend I have Turrets if certain someones are polluting my ears. It helps because I am the silent minority in my clan.

  3. My family is REALLY good at yelling during sporting events


  4. I can definitely relate to the yelling, but usually it's at my six yr old son who manages to find the exact spot to stand so that we can't see what's on the tv. Hello, you're not a window.

  5. I love that design. Something different for a change out here!! :-) By the way, I love the designs and colors on those throw pillows too....*just saying* ^_^

  6. lol, wow, your family has some talent! Mine is really talented at being the loudest in the restaurant and for being the most likely to embarrass any teenage family member within a 100 mile radius.

  7. She MADE the lamp?! That is gorgeous ... she is incredibly talented!

  8. can i have one?

    i love everything in that photos. i don't even mind the wallpaper, in context.



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