May 6, 2011

Friday Holyoke Fix: HH Richardson Train Station

Downtown Holyoke was once home to copious gorgeous buildings: an opera house, a stunning flatiron building, a marble hotel. Gone. All gone. One treasure that remains is our HH Richardson designed train station. Here's what it looked like in the days of yore:

And here's what it looks like now:

HH Richardson is most famous for the Marshall Field store in Chicago and Trinity Church in Boston's Copley Plaza. For a succinct history of Holyoke's gorgeous train station, visit the wiki page.
 Last week the public was invited to tour the train station, which our municipal gas and electric, HG&E, recently purchased. The space is in bewilderingly good condition. How did IT survive while our other treasures did not?
Our Mayor announced the train station would be redeveloped as......wait for it.......a train station! After some track improvements, Amtrak passenger rail is coming to Holyoke in 2012. That's right. Late next year, I can get on a train in Holyoke and go to Hartford for lunch and NYC for dinner.
Even without the train station? I wouldn't live anywhere else.


  1. Those beams! That ceiling! That'll be quite a restoration project. Here's to hoping it really DOES get finished by 2012.

  2. AnonymousMay 06, 2011

    My hometown of Richmond renovated their old train station a few years ago... it's my favorite building in the world!

    Yours looks so amazing! Hope they finish it soon!

  3. I seriously cannot wait till I can wake up on a Saturday and be like.. "You guys want to go to NYC today?" and then we can walk to the train station and actually GO TO NYC!

  4. WOW!!!!! I live right here in the city and I didn't know this!! Way to keep a secret Holyoke!!! I think this should be getting more publicity! It's a big big deal!!...Thank you so much for posting about it!

  5. That's tremendous, I'm so happy for the building to have life again, and for Holyoke entire!

  6. That is some wonderful news... I did not know Holyoke was getting the train station back. I grew up in that area and walked by the train station everyday as a kid... It will be really nice to see this up and running.

  7. It is encouraging that the plan was to redevelop a lovely old building rather than take the easy way out and tear it down to build something new (and nowhere near as architecturally interesting). We in Hartford look forward to your lunchtime arrival!


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