May 16, 2011

Patching A Chimney Hole

In the continuing saaaaaaaaaagggggggggggaaaaaaa of our attic insulation project, I bring you the next installation: A Hole in the Chimney (dear Liza, dear Liza.) Mr. Man wisely inspected our attic crawl space. Here's what he knew: if there were any issues up there we didn't deal with before dense packing insulation, we would be completely fucked dealing with them after dense packing. While crawling around on his stomach, Mr. Man found a hole in one of our chimneys.
In theory, exhaust gasses from our hot water heater and boiler could have started a fire in the attic or escaped into the attic and eventually into the house. The hole had to go. Mr. Man used a wire brush to clean the existing brick and mortar, and then a spray bottle of water to wet the mortar and the brick pieces to be used for patching.

If the brick is not wet, the water from the mortar wicks into the dry brick mortar and weakens the mortar and the bond. BAD! Then he mixed up some mortar and patched the hole using mortar and small pieces of brick. This was his view as he shimmied into the attic crawl space:
Mr. Man=hero.


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