June 27, 2011

Artificial Deadlines

Mr Man and I created an artificial deadline to kick our selves in our respective ASSES. An upcoming large(ish) fourth of July gathering has us working like cuh-razy to finish two large(ish) exterior projects.

This plan is brilliant because? Work we would have picked away at all summer - like a mediocre dessert you were really excited about but fails to live up to your expectations - will now be complete and we can actually enjoy the fruits of our labor.
This plan is que stupido because? I am no where near a calm enough person to get through this with grace. Instead of 'om shanti' my brain frequents the path to 'ohmygod ohmygod ohmygod' land. Not only is being a freaky shallow breather not attractive? Apparently it's not good for your health either. 
So I dangle shiny things in front of my brain to bring it back to 'om shanti' and remember that no matter what my backyard looks like on July 4? I'll still be above ground and picky about tiramisu.

I'll explain the two projects and the photos in posts later this week.


  1. Eww, I've laid a brick path before and it is NOT fun. I also have no patience for symmetry and level ground. I feel for you (but it will look so nice when it's done!)

  2. Doing it in your bare hands is quite different.

  3. AnonymousJune 27, 2011

    OMG! OMG! OMG! But in a good way! I can't wait to see it - it is already stunning, but the stunningness will be increased a thousand times when it is complete.

    I have paver envy. You two are amazing!

    See you soon. Love, mom

  4. Ugh, good luck! The work part is never fun, but it's going to look so great when you're done. I'm just like you though, I have no inner-calm when it comes this stuff, haha.

  5. Ha! Ha! You crack me up!...

  6. AnonymousJune 27, 2011

    I refuse to wait until later this week. Email me about it now! We are in the process of trying to put in a patio also, and I would love to know what you have decided to do. What kind of stone is that? How much was it? Are you laying down sand and gravel or just putting the stones on the dirt? Email me all of these things. I will repay you in good karma and cute pictures of our dogs (maybe even dogs sitting on pretty furniture in our house, who knows).

  7. Can you please impose some artificial deadlines upon our household? The real actual deadlines we're working with (I don't know, LIKE HAVING A BABY IN 3 MONTHS) seem to carry very little weight around here...

  8. I like the shade of brick you selected. Frequently I see where people choose dark colored bricks, forget / neglect to seal them and then in a few short years are disappointed that the dark shade has faded.

    As well, I like how you used a more natural type of form for the brick path; i.e. not 90 degree angles wich rarely exist in nature but more an outline of gentle curves which should give a really nice appearance.

    Now, back to it!!! :)

  9. Thanks Dan! Mr. Man was following my garden bed curves, so everything would have a consistent look. The cobblestones we're using are covered in dirt, so they'll only get lighter as time goes by!

  10. Aleksandra? I e-mailed you, you lucky girl.

  11. I just hosted a party this last Saturday and got myself into a complete panicked frenzy the entire week before because, of course, I had left everything until the last minute. Hubs was not impressed with my craziness. I hope you fare better! Good luck!
    - agata.


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