June 24, 2011

Friday Farm Share: Camera Bag Edition

*Every Friday through the fall, Holyoke Home is sharing images from our weekly farm share at Mountain View Farm. I hope you enjoy seeing what the farm has to offer.*

In 5th grade, we'd head down to the library once a week for lessons on a Mac computer - probably donated to the school in an effort to create 'early brand support'.  It worked, because I've used Mac products ever since. When I got an iphone this year, I was eager to play around with the camera.  I recommend Camera Bag for iphone (I am not being paid to say this.) Their filters' cinematic qualities and retro-funk attitude does it for me.

For this week's farm share, I'm posting images I took with my iphone and edited in Camera Bag. And honestly? I think one of them looks WAY better than the original image.
 Bread! The staff of life! The perfect thing to have peanut butter on! We buy our bread at the farm from local baker El Jardin. They used to be located in Holyoke and we're getting close to forgiving them for leaving. Close. Very close.
 Mountain View planted this darling annual and perennial bed next to the share barn. It's been fun watching the plants get bigger each week!
This week was the first week for BEETS. Yum.  There are tons of ways to prepare beets, but 90% of the time I go with roasting, because a caramelized beet? Kind of amazing. What's your favorite thing to roast?


  1. I love roasted beets - amazing. I also love this beet salad by jamie oliver. Easy peesy!

    My other favourite thing to roast is asparagus. So amazing.

  2. Ok, first, I had no idea that El Jardin had left Holyoke! I rely on you to let me know what's happening around here. Second, have you tried Camera+ for the iPhone? It's the best reviewed photo editing app out there, and I can say it has been fun playing around with it. (And I'm not being paid to say that either.) I'll totally check out Camera Bag, too. And, third, roasted butternut squash is right up there with a good, sweet, roasted beet. Lucky for us it's damp and chilly otherwise all this talk of ovens being on for hours in the summer would have me sweating. I so need to get myself a farm share...

  3. Roasted beets? Hmmm...never had them! Gotta try that. I love most things roasted...peanuts, potatoes, meat. LOL But my favorite veggie roasted would be butternut or acorn squash. YUM!! Don't get me started with sweet potatoes or yams either!! ^_^

  4. AnonymousJune 25, 2011

    Kale! with a little olive oil, salt and I add a little fancy roasted paprika from Spain for kicks. It goes nice and crispy and fills the hole left by the potato chips of my youth.

    stacey (anonymous for the day)

  5. We love Mountain View Farm! I love hearing ideas about how to prep and eat their weekly bounty.


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