June 20, 2011

From 'High Security' fence to Lush and Green

When we moved into our Holyoke home two years ago, the front garden (contained by a bizarre fence) included one giant, well-trimmed rhododendron dying to be fertilized, a multitude of lily of the valley, a big green hosta or two, and lots of sedum.

We pulled out the fence, fertilized the hell out of the rhododendron, divided the hosta, and moved the sedum to three big clumps in the backyard. We also dug up the lily of the valley and donated it to a local plant sale. Here's what it looks like today:
I decided on a purple/chartreuse/orange color scheme, and I tried to think about when things bloom, so there would always be something pretty to look at. Here's what's what:
The tulips and daffodils (spelled wrong in the photo - I am too tired to fix it) bloom in the spring while the hosta are making themselves known. Then day lilies (orange) and echinacea (pale purple and orange), butterfly bush (purple) hardy hibiscus (white and deep orange), and finally the mums (deep orange.)

Now that the garden is kind-of decent, all I can see is how much I hate the front porch colors. But that project will have to wait. I'll share 'why' in a few weeks. Later this week, I'll tell you about a few really nice days I spend in Indianapolis.


  1. It looks very nice! You've done a lot of work on that!!

  2. What a beautiful makeover! So much better without the fence!

  3. Looking good! Your 'no idea' plants look like they could be Heuchera aka Coral Bells. Thanks for sharing. :)

  4. Hi Moe! They are not - alas - Heuchera. I know Heuchera. I work with Heuchera. And those are not Heuchera :) Their flowers are 3/4 inch wide and look like a strawberry blossom? Does that help?

  5. AnonymousJune 20, 2011

    hosta is a cool name!

    Can't wait to see all those plants in bloom

  6. That is a gread, great use of a small space for numerous garden plants.
    You'll really like the Day Lillies; we've had a dozen of them for several years as a border along one side of our driveway.

  7. WOW! What a beautiful makeover! So much better without the fence!!
    Thanks for sharing with us..
    Dogwood trees Tennessee

  8. the curb appeal looks fantastic!!! LOVE the plant choices!


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