July 11, 2011

Breaking It Down

Thank you all SO MUCH for your nice comments on our back porch reveal! Here's the cost/product breakdown because I'm always interested in how much a good 'before and after' cost.
Bamboo fence - $50
From a local hardware store. We bought one 13 foot long, 6 and 1/2 foot tall split bamboo fence section, and then cut it in half and secured it to the back wall. I'll show you what we did with the other half SOON! (so excited.)
Paint - $120
One gallon of each: Pratt and Lambert exterior oil semigloss paint on the floor in London Fog (color 28-20). Pratt and Lambert accent exterior acrylic semigloss in Wolf (color 25-20) on the posts and rails. And Pratt and Lambert Laurel Mist (17-28) in eggshell on the ceiling. I am now addicted to Pratt and Lambert. It is super creamy and dreamy. It is also really expensive. 
Paint supplies - $30
Fuzzy rollers and tray/can liners
Bistro table and chairs - $400
From the original Fermob. Mr. Man purchased these a few years ago. We have two small bistro tables and four folding chairs. The prices have gone up CONSIDERABLY since we purchased these.
Couch and one couch pillow (the pattern one) - $979
We planned on buying a corner couch section from Ikea prior to our big July 4 family gathering (Ammero Sofa) but they were SOLD OUT in both the New Haven and Stoughton stores. Your loss, Ikea. We scrambled to find an outdoor couch in 24 hours. We liked the clean lines of Pottery Barn's Chesapeake series. Also? It was 30% off. I borrowed the two lime pillows from inside the house.
Railing fence  - $25
Also procured at our local hardware store.
Red Director's Chair - Um..... $15 each?
I bought these at Pier 1 YEARS ago and can't remember what I paid. I'll count two in the total.
Bamboo Plant Stands - $30 for the pair
I bought these at a super secret mid-century modern antique store in Grand Rapids, Michigan (NO, I WILL NOT TELL YOU THE EXACT LOCATION. THAT KIND OF INFORMATION WILL COST YOU many many loaves of Zingerman's Chocolate Cherry Bread.)
Countless hours of scraping, patching, priming, caulking, aching and painting - Priceless
I don't ever want to paint a ceiling ever again. Ever. Ever ever ever.

So, let's see......(imagine computing sounds, 'boop, beep, beep boop beep beep'.) Our grand total was $1,649.00, with $1,000 for one piece of (large) furniture. Not. Freaking. Bad.


  1. Not bad!Not bad at all! And I love how you broke everything down for us!

  2. looks great! the bamboo fence is a great fix! I love the texture and scale of detail it brings the space! I love all the colours too - it looks like the perfect place to sip some wine.
    - agata.

  3. Looks like money well spent to me!

  4. i'm still loving this project by the way. ANOTHER cold beer deserved! :))


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