July 22, 2011

Friday Farm Share: We Multi-Task

*Most Fridays, Holyoke Home is sharing images from our weekly farm share at Mountain View Farm. I hope you enjoy seeing what the farm has to offer.*
'Cause I'm a Woman*
Well I can clean my iphone 
Until it shines just like a dime
Feed the baby, pick the beans
Take a business call all at the same time.

Cause I’m a woman
Let me tell ya again
I’m a woman

You know I can breath deeply.
Do yoga like I'm Zen.
Kids off to camp, veggies at the farm,
And start all over again.

Repeat chorus

*tip-o-the-hat and apologies to Ms. Peggy Lee and Lieber and Stoller


  1. So poetic..so true..The beans in my garden are just coming on but you won't find me on a cell while picking them!

  2. Ha! Ha! You Go Singing Mama!!...I mean W-O-M-A-N!! ^_^ I like that!!

  3. That's my farm share partner AG doing it ALL!

  4. Hey there, I saw the pictures on the news of the damage in Holyoke from yesterday's storm and hope you and yours emerged unscathed!

  5. WOW. Very nice and beautiful.. I like it.. Keep it up.

  6. Hi there DarcC! We're all fine here at Holyoke Home. Thanks. It was a pretty intense thunderstorm!


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