August 12, 2011

Friday Farm Share! The 'Flower' Edition

*Most Fridays, Holyoke Home is sharing images from our weekly farm share at Mountain View Farm. I hope you enjoy seeing what the farm has to offer.* 

The flowers at Mountainview are at their peak right now. 
No, the image above is not from a movie, or a catalog. It has not been photoshopped. It is actually, really, real.  And if I turn around in the exact same spot, here's what I see looking the other way:
Insert colloquialism for 'that is extremely beautiful':
a. "I dies."
b. "Can I haz some?"
c. "Bananas."
Did you know the french word for 'sunflower' is 'Un tournesol', which is a shortening of 'tourne soleil', meaning 'turn toward the sun'. Because sunflowers turn their sunny faces toward the sun, and follow it through the day. Now, you go turn your face toward the sun.


  1. Thanks for the sunflower info! Hubby will like that, with his 'Un tournesol' all over the backyard. :-)

  2. I woke up surrounded by a blanket of fog. Looking at your pictures, I can feel the sun on my face and smell the sweet air. thanks!

  3. wow, stunning!! Do they let you pick them?

    The Spanish word for sunflower is girasol, which also means "turn toward the sun" :)

  4. so fresh! so beautiful! thanks for sharing this one! :) i really wish i can own a farmhouse someday!
    oh n the Hindi word for sunflower is 'suraj mukhi', which well means the same :)

  5. go pick me a giant bouquet immediately. i love those flowers!

    also: chick says what a coincidence, because he is ALSO a tournesol!

  6. No adjective can adequately describe how beautiful that scene is!


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