August 22, 2011

Tis The Season For: Half Price Garden Pots!

Mr. Man and I are enjoying the fruits of our back porch renovation every. day. We love it. And I love decorating the space with pots of flowers and herbs.
I cannot resist a lovely garden pot. I think of them as my colorful little garden babies. I have a lot of garden babies. We're talking 'Octo-mom' territory. This is a dangerous time of year for me to visit garden centers, because inevitably, they're trying to get rid of everything before they close up shop for the season. I better be careful, or Mr. Man will declare a 'colorful garden baby moratorium.'
This little red and white flower put actually caused me to salivate, even though I generally stay way from pots that are smaller than a breadbox (their small size means you have to water the crap out of them i.e. water them a lot). For more pots like this, visit Annie's Garden and Gift Shop in Sunderland, Massachusetts.


  1. I love that pot!! So colorful!...You know how much I like color! ^_^

  2. loooove that pot! Hopefully by next week we'll have the backyard done and I'll start my own garden (nothing that could rival yours, of course)

  3. i'm glad my porch project ran a little behind schedule, it means i'm ready to decorate just as the end of summer sales start! already got me the cutest damn bistro set! love your colorful little pot, you need 3 more for the parsley, sage and thyme....

  4. That pot is adorable...our deck project was completed, but we didn't furnish it or even use it this summer..too hot! But fall is almost here so maybe we'll get out and enjoy it before it's covered in snow!

  5. oh how i love that pot. that's like my perfect dream pot! as soon as we move i'm hitting up the nurseries!


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