October 11, 2011

Conversation with Mr. Man

Me: How's the 'skylight shopping' going?
Mr. Man: I'm a little annoyed.
Me: Why?
Mr. Man: Because the company I want to get the skylight from isn't releasing their Mer Bler Blah* technology until January 2012.
Me: (deer-in-headlight blinking)
Mr. Man: (continues what he was doing)
Me: Uh. How important is *that* technology to our house? Is it worth waiting until January? Before you answer: I will sob for hours about how cold I am three-four times between now and January if we don't finish the insulation project before then.
Mr. Man: Oh, we definitely want the Mer Bler Blah* technology because it has a sensor that will close the skylight when it rains and it has a wireless radio protocol that can be connected to a whole smart house technology so we can open the skylight from a smart phone. Or we can hook it up to outside sensors, and program it to automatically open and close at certain temperature differentials.
Me: So, sobbing.
Mr. Man: And I am totally annoyed that after a year of searching, the highest R value you can get in American skylights (without mortgaging the house) is R2, but the European standard is R5.
Me: I'll put kleenex on the shopping list.

*Can't remember actual name of technology.

October 3, 2011

Hitched <-I Gotz It

I can finally share why new posts on Holyoke Home have been so sparse as of late. I got married. To Mr. Man.
This isn't a wedding blog, so I'll keep it brief. But I want to share: I worked really hard to keep everything about our super small gathering *super* local. Nothing was purchased from a chain, and some things were actually hand-made right here in western Massachusetts. I am really proud of this. My dress is from Tiny Crush Society, a western Massachusetts based clothing company. I worked with owner Dre Rawlings to pick out a 'wedding-y' fabric for a one of a kind version of her 'Pie Dress'. Comfortable. Flattering. Simple. And did I mention comfortable?
My shoes were handmade by a local shoemaker.......I'm going to give you some space to let that last sentence sink in............my shoes were *hand effing made* by Daphne Board. Daphne asked what I wanted, and I said, "Oh, I don't know, maybe some red leather strappy sandals? With a T-Strap and something three dimensional on the vamp?" She nodded and measured my feet. And THESE are what she created. Totally amazing.
Mr. Man's ensemble is from Jackson and Connor in Northampton, Massachusetts.
Ribbons on my bouquet and dinner place cards are from Essentials in Northampton (Possibly the most ironically named store in the universe. Because NOTHING there is actually 'essential'.) Instead of seating arrangements, our place cards each had a fact written on them, and guests had to guess if the fact was about me or Mr. Man.
My earrings and headpiece are from Pearl Bridal Boutique at Open Square in Holyoke, Mass.
Our flowers are from Cary's in South Hadley, Massachusetts.
The only thing I couldn't find locally is my shrug. My shrug is from Seattle Etsy member OkaySK.
We had an amazing dinner at Blue Heron in Sunderland, Massachusetts with a few of our very very very closest friends.

So - does this make me Mrs. Man? No. I am keeping my name. Hi. My name is Maggie.