October 11, 2011

Conversation with Mr. Man

Me: How's the 'skylight shopping' going?
Mr. Man: I'm a little annoyed.
Me: Why?
Mr. Man: Because the company I want to get the skylight from isn't releasing their Mer Bler Blah* technology until January 2012.
Me: (deer-in-headlight blinking)
Mr. Man: (continues what he was doing)
Me: Uh. How important is *that* technology to our house? Is it worth waiting until January? Before you answer: I will sob for hours about how cold I am three-four times between now and January if we don't finish the insulation project before then.
Mr. Man: Oh, we definitely want the Mer Bler Blah* technology because it has a sensor that will close the skylight when it rains and it has a wireless radio protocol that can be connected to a whole smart house technology so we can open the skylight from a smart phone. Or we can hook it up to outside sensors, and program it to automatically open and close at certain temperature differentials.
Me: So, sobbing.
Mr. Man: And I am totally annoyed that after a year of searching, the highest R value you can get in American skylights (without mortgaging the house) is R2, but the European standard is R5.
Me: I'll put kleenex on the shopping list.

*Can't remember actual name of technology.


  1. we are SO at the exact same point in our reno, I am totally spooked.

  2. haaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaa. Our skylight is really high tech. It's special power is collecting dead bugs. It's lovely. ;)

  3. I find the more "advanced" the gadget..the more chances of it breaking down...If you accidentally sit on your iphone will you buttcall the skylight to open? Well, I hope all goes good, and I'd buy a really warm sweater if I were you!

  4. I didn't realize skylights were even supposed to open and close...

    And I'mm with Gina. We have a small skylight in our stairwell. It's nice for light, but it mainly just looks dirty.

  5. Hahahaha! I get a kick out of your conversations! (At your expensive this time, unfortunately)

  6. bwahaha.

    don't worry, though. january will be here soon!

  7. you cracked me up, mrs. man. thanks for a good chuckle. i needed it-- i am buried in packing boxes!!

  8. Hi, Sweetie, Shall I contact the Cedar Springs (Michigan) Red Flannel factory to see if they still make the one-piece red flannel long underwear with the drop-down backside? A couple of pairs of those should keep you toasty through April. love, mom

  9. aw, lol! For what it's worth, I know exactly how you feel!

  10. haha, this sounds just like my husband - an over thinker.

  11. I see he was totally unfazed by the impending sobbing. Such a man.

  12. There, there....although I'm on your side, that R2D2 skylight thingy sounds amazing. I mean a sensor? Rain? I bet you'll be glad you waited (hands you a kleenex)

  13. HA!!!!

    My Mr Man often does the same. We are still making repairs to the house from the hurricane this summer. I totally feel you on this one!


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