April 10, 2012

What Does Irony Smell Like?

To say my parents dabble in antiques is like saying Pop Tarts dabble in corn syrup. Antiques are their thing. It's what they do.

And to say that I dabbled in obstreperousness as a teenager is like saying something totally ridiculous. I was the DEFINITION of 'obstreperous' AND 'ness' (if you need an *actual* definition, click here.)

So it shouldn't surprise you to learn that I was VERY VERBAL that I would not have things from the days of  y'ore when I was a grown up person. NO. I was going to live in a NEW apartment with NEW furniture that was shiny, black and NOT curvilinear. And I liked to say I A LOT.

Now is the time in the post when maybe you begin to smell a little 'irony'. Sniff, sniff. What does irony smell like? It smells like curvy things from the days of y'ore.
 I've recently found myself attracted to mid-century carved objects that look as though a clever kitty got her paws on it and carved away a little design.
 And they just happen to look fabulous on our new dining room piece
Oh! And yes, that IS a John Derian plate. It was a wedding present from a DEAR friend. If you need a stylist? She's your gal.


  1. I wish I could pick your parent's brains about a few items I own...furniture, jewelry, old magazines!!...Oh well. I'll find somebody's brain to pick! LOL In the meantime I'll just enjoy your inherited curvilinear esthetic...*brain hurting...Too many big words! ^_^*

  2. Ahhh, you are finally starting to see the "light" grasshopper. Baby steps, baby steps. Oh, your stylist friend is a Goddess! I want my house to look like her work when it (my house) grows up. love, mom

  3. "Train up a child in the way she should go and when she is old she will not depart from it"....amen.

  4. It'd be great if you posted some of your favorite sources in the Valley! The hutch looks great!

  5. Hey, nothing wrong with smelling some irony for items like that!

  6. You gotta do what's right.

    Hey, I think I spotted Morgan here:



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