May 9, 2012

Baby Got Back. Now Baby Gets Front

We adore our back porch renovation. In fact, as I type this, Mr. Man is sipping hot coffee with the sun on his handsome face. Eating waffles.
It's time to tackle the front porch. My approach? Top down (so as to make a giant project feel like one tiny little step at at time.) So, in order, here's what I'm committed to doing:
-Remove Ghetto light fixture
-Demo plastic ceiling
-Pray that original bead board ceiling is in good enough shape that we don't have to install new.
-Do happy dance because bead board is okay. (You can see two previous colors of paint under the white.)
-Scrape and paint ceiling same color as back porch ceiling.
-Install new light fixture from School House Electric after moving fixture about 6 inches to the right.
-Remove black paint from brownstone window sills.
-Buy a new screen door.
-Scrape columns and paint them the same color as the back porch railing.
-Get these guys to design us a REALLY COOL wrought iron railing.
- Scrape and paint floor same color as the back porch floor.
- Figure out what in the holy heck to do about the stairs. Two current options are
1. Cut out concrete and install wood
2. Cut out concrete and install vintage brownstone steps rescued from another Holyoke home.

Wood steps or brownstone steps? WHAT SAY YOU!?!


  1. Wouldn't wood steps deteriorate faster? Just a thought. So glad your ceiling is in good shape!

  2. i love your chair,,
    i hate it when the lamp not in the center position, but glad that your ceiling is in good condition

  3. I say brownstone steps would be super cool and not have as much maintenance as wood. I know this because we have a wood front porch that just screams to be taken out and replaced with brick and cement. As soon as I save all my pennies or a rich relative passes on (one I don't really know about but loves me anyway) and puts me in the will. A girl can dream. Good luck and I'll look forward to the results!

  4. Backporch looks so inviting (& made me hungry for waffles). During our renovation, the backporch area is what I've been most excited for (even though it will be the last thing done). I don't know much about steps, but I'd imagine stone might be more durable?

  5. YAY is what I say!!!

    And as you know, I LOVED your back porch job. Loved it.


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