May 24, 2012

Brimfield is like, "BONUS!"

There are approximately one-hundred thousandy billion antique booths at the thrice yearly Brimfield Antique Market. Approximately.
My parents came out east for the first Brimfield of the 2012 season. I happen to live nearby. So for them, attending Brimfield is like, "BONUS!" Engage in a hobby, CHECK! Visit one of your children, CHECK!
Mom and Dad have very different approaches to antiquing. My father's approach:
1. Walk down one aisle
2. Eye booths on both sides of aisle
3. Look for (what he calls) 'good cover'.
4. If you see good cover? Go inside booth. 

Like a birder or hunter, he's looking for 'habitat' that's likely to have what he's looking for, thereby maximizing the number of booths he can visit before he's walked around so much his feet begin to throb like a teenage girl's heart for Justin Bieber. The image below is 'good cover' according to me.
My mother's approach is  Slower Exhausting surprisingly meticulous for someone with adult ADHD. Mom walks into each booth on an aisle (unless it features only jewelry or other things she's not interested in) one     at       a          time.  Looking.  At.       Every.                  S. ingle.                                             Thing.

Okay, now everyone clutch your hearts and prepare for my mom's 'Oh. That makes me a little sad.' face. Not even Justin Bieber could fix your heart after this face. Mom, I'm sorry but it's true. At antique shows, you are Go Children Slow. But you know what? If it makes you happy, WHO CARES?!?!?
Here are some items that caught my eye, but did not end up in my cart.

 She wanted $1200 for the deco-era light fixture above. Oy.
These lamps were all OVER the place. Or was it just that I'm just now SEEING them?
Wouldn't these two chairs look great in my living room?

So - how do you work a field of antiques? What's your approach?


  1. AnonymousMay 24, 2012

    Hi, Sweetie! No offense taken. I work a field of antiques to find items which "sing" to me. This requires me to give even "the least among us" a chance to clear its throat and give a good "yooo hoooo - I'm over here." Great photos of Brimfield goodies. Love, Mom

  2. My approach is to scan everything quickly, so I suppose I'm a cross between your mom and your dad. I'll pop in a booth (if it's not all visible from the aisle) and look and leave.

  3. i grew up in Palmer and have attended the First Congregational Church in Brimfield my whole life. I love the flea market/Antique shows and love to spend all day shopping and ending it with the Friday night church supper. I never fail to find a treasure to bring home to Rock Valley!

  4. I'm a "look quick at every booth because I mostly know I won't go home with much" kind of gal. But I do enjoy the hunt and I've always wanted to go to Brimfield..maybe someday! We call my Mom's mad face her "Olive Garden" really don't want to make her take it out.

  5. Your 'good cover' is my good cover too!

    p.s. I love that your mom commented. No wonder you are awesome! So is she!

    p.p.s. YES those chairs would be perfect for your place!! I love them!

  6. First off, I can't believe I had to miss Brimfield this year. But, I would have been shopping with your mother. Every booth and e v e r y
    s i n g l e thing! Loved the post.

  7. I often end up antiqueing with my mom and my aunt - I'm a "good cover" kinda girl, I look for something interesting to draw me into a booth, my mom is a chatty shopper, once she finds a booth she likes she ends up chatting away, wanting to know the story behind the antique, my aunt is like your mother, she can spend hours in one booth going through every last nook and cranny (whioch works out for me, because if she finds something she thinks I'll like I can just double back for a quick glance and then move on again)

    wow, that was one heck of a run on sentence.


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