May 28, 2012

Just Call me 'The Bill Cunningham of Brimfield'

With a tip 'o the fascinator to Bill Cunningham (photographer and author of the New York Time's iconic 'On The Street' weekly column), I'm straying from our usual topics (home improvement, home despair, etc). I know - I'm really milking this one Brimfield excursion for posts, but I just HAVE to share a few pictures. It was a rainy day and I kept spotting all these amazing looking women dressed in wonderfully chic rainy weather garb!
This post is about Brimfield Antique Show Fashion. While visiting the show with my parents, I noticed It almost an unofficial uniform among female attendees! It was spooky how many women were dressed EXACTLY the same! The wet weather required sturdy rain boots. Tall 'Hunter' boots appeared to be de rigeur.
 Then - casual pants tight enough to tuck into your boots: jeans, khakis, or black Lulu Lemon leggings.
Pants were topped by a hip-length, slightly fitted, usually black jacket.
There were exceptions, of course. Fabulous, fabulous exceptions. Next I'll tall you what I actually bought at Brimfield.


  1. Hey, if you're going to haul junk you might as well look good doing it! Wait, I know it's not junk..that was my husband's term. (he's the one who usually hauls the "junk" home for me!)

  2. Now I feel like I need some wellies!

  3. HA! I love it.

    And those boots are NOT cheap. I too noticed the trend and not being immune to influence (I mean, to an extent) I thought, "Why I'd LOVE a pair!" only to discover they are close to $100. For a pair of RUBBER boots!
    I decided I'd stick to my LLBean duck boots I've had since 1989.

    Can't wait to see your finds!

    I missed you!

  4. The girl in the second photo looks just like Miller Gaffney from the PBS show Market Warriors!


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