June 27, 2012

Front Porch Progress and A Request

Directions: Scrape scrape scrape (pause). Scrape scrape scrape scrape (pause as Hulkish shoulder muscles start to get that burn-y feeling.) - REPEAT MANY TIMES OVER TWO WEEKENDS.
Paint paint paint paint (pause.) Paint paint paint paint (pause.) Stand back in awe while giving Hulkish shoulder muscles a rest. ALSO REPEAT. A LOT.
The fixture is from School House Electric. And no, they didn't give it to me. I paid for it bey-otches! My shoulders, by the way, look really hot from all the overhead scraping, caulking, cutting in, and painting. If there was a shoulder muscle museum? Mine should definitely be in there. We used the same colors as the back porch renovation:
  • Pratt and Lambert exterior oil semigloss paint on the floor in London Fog (color 28-20). 
  • Pratt and Lambert accent exterior acrylic semigloss in Wolf (color 25-20) on the posts and rails. 
  • And Pratt and Lambert Laurel Mist (17-28) in semigloss on the ceiling. 
Pratt and Lambert paint is so thick and creamy I want to lick it like an ice cream cone. A REALLY EFFING EXPENSIVE ice cream cone.

Now what to do about that view.....

June 22, 2012

A Bennington Owl & Two UFOs

So what did I actually bring home from Brimfield?
I know NOTHING about Bennington Potters.  Only this: now I'm interested in learning more. The owl trivet in the image above was designed by the founder of Bennington Potters, David Gil. I've seen other hand painted owl trivets on e-bay and the colors are almost garish in comparison to this one's earthy browns and dirty greys. I'm digging the the mix of naturalism with utter whimsy.
 What do you think with it next to my John Derian plate?