June 22, 2012

A Bennington Owl & Two UFOs

So what did I actually bring home from Brimfield?
I know NOTHING about Bennington Potters.  Only this: now I'm interested in learning more. The owl trivet in the image above was designed by the founder of Bennington Potters, David Gil. I've seen other hand painted owl trivets on e-bay and the colors are almost garish in comparison to this one's earthy browns and dirty greys. I'm digging the the mix of naturalism with utter whimsy.
 What do you think with it next to my John Derian plate?


  1. I love the owl and the plate together. The colors are amazing..so fresh and very chic! You really have a good eye!

  2. I love them. The one on the right brings out the green in the owl.

  3. I love the Bennington Potters, and I'm still trying to fill my home with their loot. I discovered them on my honeymoon in the Northeast, and haven't been able to stop thinking about them since! Their newsletters are adorable, which also lends to the unforgettable-ness.


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