September 11, 2012

Perfect Floor Find

I found this scratchy door mat on sale at Pier One and thought to myself, 'Self. I think that yellow is exactly the yellow of the kitchen floor. "
Yup. And the blue brings out the walls. Boo yah!

September 6, 2012

Frosted Glass Lowers Your Blood Pressure.

Remember this view?
How about this one?
Not to 'yuck' someone else's 'yum', but YUCK.

Based on your suggestions, I decided to frost the glass partition between our house and our neighbor's. It's not a big deal - it's her front porch, she can do what she wants. But the ghetto ceiling is depressing and the whole cat situation raises my blood pressure every time I see it. I should explain: It's not the actual cats, it's their poop, which lands fresh daily in my front, side (vegetables there) and back gardens and makes my blood boil. So basically, frosting glass reduces your blood pressure.

Based on a suggestion from That Library Girl, I looked into static cling window film because it wouldn't involve anything permanent. Unfortunately, I couldn't find any that was rated for outdoor use.  Enter Glass etch paste. I tested it on a piece of glass because I didn't want to eff up something on the porch, and THANK GOODNESS I did because the results were VERY uneven and drippy on a vertical piece of glass.

Then I tried spray etch, and the 'look' was too similar to that fake 'snow' your preschool teacher sprayed on your classroom windows in December. Plus, I'd have to block off ALL the surrounding woodwork, which sounded like a total pain in the ass.

So....back to static cling window film. I bought the most heavy duty I could find and (I am not being paid to say this) a company called Artscape won. It was easy to apply and surprisingly sturdy.  And so far, it's impervious to rain, wind & sun. We shall see. TA-DA:
Up close, you can still see all the gradoo on her side, but from a distance, it's lovely.

Frosting the windows has completely changed the experience of sitting on the front porch.
(clearly I ran a muck with Photoshop filters in the photo above, sorry) It feels like a room now, and Not like a high blood pressure inducing stress fest. Happy happy.

September 4, 2012

Insulation Wrap-Up (Still On Lock Down)

Welcome to our row house front porch. See how we keep everything locked down? At least we have a nice place to sit down after all that sweating and cursing about insulation. Let's have a little glass of wine as the sun goes down and I'll tell you more. White or red?

If you live in a row house, you MUST insulate your crawl space. Before insulating the attic, from June-September, for each step I took upstairs, my skin was assaulted by a two degree difference in air temperature. Up, up, up the temperature went with each step (Since I am not Mr. Man, I never measured the difference, but I was usually crying at the second floor landing). Post-insulation, I don't notice a temperature difference UNTIL I get to the top of the stairs and it's like this, "Humh. Feels a little warmer up here." THAT KIND OF SANITY IS PRICELESS.

So now that some time has passed I'm going to recommend that you save up the extra $600-$1000 and PAY someone to install the insulation for you because it's money well-spent.