September 4, 2012

Insulation Wrap-Up (Still On Lock Down)

Welcome to our row house front porch. See how we keep everything locked down? At least we have a nice place to sit down after all that sweating and cursing about insulation. Let's have a little glass of wine as the sun goes down and I'll tell you more. White or red?

If you live in a row house, you MUST insulate your crawl space. Before insulating the attic, from June-September, for each step I took upstairs, my skin was assaulted by a two degree difference in air temperature. Up, up, up the temperature went with each step (Since I am not Mr. Man, I never measured the difference, but I was usually crying at the second floor landing). Post-insulation, I don't notice a temperature difference UNTIL I get to the top of the stairs and it's like this, "Humh. Feels a little warmer up here." THAT KIND OF SANITY IS PRICELESS.

So now that some time has passed I'm going to recommend that you save up the extra $600-$1000 and PAY someone to install the insulation for you because it's money well-spent.


  1. Love the colors of the porch table and chairs. Too bad it's necessary to "secure" it...Oh well, it looks great! You should have a better heating/cooling bill too after insulation. That will make up any cost for it to be done by a professional.

  2. I never measured the difference, but Green Deal I was usually crying at the second floor landing). Post-insulation,

  3. Good to see that you finished up. I'm doing some work with insulation in Hamilton, any tips you could give an amateur?


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