April 2, 2013

Little Nuggets of Life

Last year my mom gave me a gift certificate to White Flower Farms for my birthday. I knew I wanted EARLY flowers. I wanted bulbs whose 'FUCK YOU WINTER!' boldness shakes off the greybrown (it's one word around here in March), giving one hope that warmer days really are around the corner. Like, the next corner, not the down the street and across the park and around that corner.
I bought three varieties: daffodils, crocus (croci?) and tulips. My backyard is small, so when I noticed that each bulb recommended being planted at a different depth, I decided to planted all three varieties, right. on. top. of. each. other. Big fat daffodil bulbs first at 5-6 inches. Then (trying to remember exactly where the daffodils were) medium tulip bulbs at 3-4 inches. Then teeny tiny crocus bulbs at 1-2 inches. I added some bonemeal and Osmocote (a slow-release fertilizer brand I like) to the bed.

What is it about early bulbs? Even as days get longer and warm to 40 or 50 degrees, I feel certain spring will never come. But then I see a bulb. And-because I am a biologist's daughter-I believe those little brown nuggets of life know more than I do about what season is coming when. Happy Spring!

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  1. Love your photos and your prose. Love, mom


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