December 9, 2016

Our dining room got a tiny upgrade. Yes, it took 4 years. Please don't judge. 
We switched the dining room with the media room. So now the dining room is one room away from the kitchen. This set up is SO MUCH better! I am not being paid to say any of the following: The table is from Ikea, the carpet is West Elm (and I HATE IT. Do not buy anything that is described as 'hand tufted'). The art is by a local guy and the light fixture is the ubiquitous George Nelson bubble lamp by Modernica.
The media room is now a nice cozy spot with morning sunlight. The wall color is Gardenia by Sherwin-Williams. 

May 11, 2016

There's an Elephant In Our Living Room

There's an elephant in our living room. A giant decorating elephant.

How do you suggest I soften this behemoth to integrate it into the living room.  It's so crazy ornate!  I mean, for goodness sake, it's got carved columns and beveled glass. 

Don't get me wrong!  I'm not complaining. The fact that this 1898 original detail is still in our house is pretty amazing, and I would NEVER alter it in any way (take a breath Petch House and Christopher Bustah-Peck) but it is sooooooo not our style.