October 25, 2018

Will They Last?

A few weeks ago I twirled my mustache like an evil genius and decided which plants in the garden would die and which plants in the garden would come inside for the winter.
 And because I am a dumb evil genius, I only brought in the hardest plants to overwinter: ferns.
 Maiden hair ferns, specifically.
You know what? Do yourself a favor and let all plants die outside. Do not bring anything into your house over winter unless you have a sun room and the money to hire someone to water these high-maintenance flouncy floofs every other minute.

Indoor plants are a pain in the ass. They need more water than a hot dog on a hot day. And they like to be turned slightly every day. And they will only survive if placed near a south-facing window.
But aren't they purdy? Clearly they are the evil geniuses.

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